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Success meets experience

Founded over a century ago, the Ludwig Freytag Group is one of the largest medium-sized companies in northern Germany.
Rohr- und Maschinenanlagentechnik GmbH, RMT for short, has been a separate company within this group since 1 October 1993.
RMT was spun off from Ludwig Freytag’s Plant Engineering Department to form a wholly owned subsidiary and operates from the Oldenburg site.

Tradition becomes innovation

Thanks to its special company history, Rohr- und Maschinenanlagentechnik GmbH has a long tradition with wide-ranging experience and expertise in pipe and installation engineering.

Since its foundation, RMT has grown into a leading company which manufactures and builds machine installations in the energy and environmental engineering sectors and in the basic service, supply and waste management industries. It can also offer special servicing solutions.

Always a decisive factor: great employees

At the core of our company are highly motivated specialists with years of experience, who satisfy special requirements at all times and provide result-oriented technical solutions. To meet this standard on a lasting basis, we hold effective further and advanced training programmes for young employees on a regular basis.

During prefabrication in the factory, components subject to acceptance testing are produced to an optimum standard with superior quality and a maximum level of safety.

Well equipped for the future

Thanks to continuous further development of processes and the use of new innovative technologies, RMT today offers solutions ranging from engineering though to large-scale turnkey projects. We satisfy exacting customer requirements with the utmost precision, effectiveness and reliability.