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Environment and energy management

RMT is ready for the transition to sustainable energy

RMT is able to draw on decades of experience in energy and environment management. With its comprehensive expertise and successful projects, RMT is making a contribution to energy transition. Media such as hydrogen or biogas are pivotal to implement the necessary changes in the energy sector.

The need for climate-neutral solutions to supply energy will increase dramatically in the future. RMT is ready to assist with this change through its innovative systems and installations.

Green hydrogen – a key element in energy transition

Over the course of more than 30 years, RMT has built numerous compressor units to transport pure hydrogen and hydrogen-carrying media containing over 50 percent hydrogen in various materials and control equipment.

Using its knowledge of the applicable regulations and standards and its experience in dealing with the medium hydrogen, RMT offers its services as an expert partner for both engineering and complete construction of hydrogen plants and pipelines.

Alongside knowledge of rules and procedures, materials science and the mastery of welding, heat treatment and testing methods are fundamental pillars to ensure success in undertaking hydrogen plant construction projects. RMT specialises in the construction of hydrogen-carrying plants with a wide variety of materials based on its many years developing them.

As a certified specialist company, RMT is able to meet the specific requirements for producing and transporting hydrogen thanks to special mechanised manufacturing processes, heat treatment techniques and testing methods. High-quality components are manufactured which meet all the applicable requirements thanks to its mastery of these processes.

Biogas – another climate neutrality champion

Biogas plants are an important building block for achieving climate neutrality. RMT is your partner for transport, feed-in, processing, conditioning and quality measurement in the biogas sector. A variety of successful biogas plant projects are the result of many years of experience in this field.

RMT – your specialist in district heating

As a district heating pipeline company certified to AGFW FW601, we are dedicated to the construction, repair and integration of pipelines for district heating systems featuring all nominal diameters, design temperatures and design pressure levels.

Assisted by our plant and machine engineering division, we are able to extend district heating systems with the required plant and station construction.

With this all-inclusive service from a single source and aided by specialists and experts in district heating supply, RMT helps to provide innovative, future-proof heat supply.

Our services

  • Hydrogen plants
  • Biogas feed-in stations/plants
  • District heating technology
  • Water supply installations
  • Combined heat and power plants
  • Landfill systems