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Service and maintenance

RMT gets things up and running.

Installations and stations for energy, environmental and supply engineering systems must be serviced and inspected regularly and must comply with the latest technical standards and safety regulations. RMT is a dependable provider for a wide range of services which guarantees supply reliability and plant availability.

RMT also draws on the expertise of other Ludwig Freytag Group subsidiaries for installation servicing, including maintenance measures for odourisation systems and gas pressure measurement and control systems. A tailor-made solution is planned and implemented to the client’s requirements in close coordination with them.

Turnkey projects

The turnkey solutions that RMT offers and the philosophy of providing the client with a wide range of services from a single supplier make service and maintenance just as much part of the overall project as planning and implementation. Using a large number of long-standing service and maintenance partnerships as a basis, RMT can provide full servicing for entire facilities, plants, systems and stations over a long operating period. Establishment of a service location with equipment and expert staff for the long term is also possible to ensure rapid availabilities and flexible standby services. In this way, we guarantee maximum reliability and system readiness for our clients at all times.

Pipeline and drilling service

Pipeline and drilling service

RMT specialises in pipe and pipeline construction services thanks particularly to our expertise in pipeline and drilling services, which include drilling and stoppling pipes which are under pressure and have media flowing through them.

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Our services

  • Pipeline and drilling service
  • Maintenance and repair measures
  • Special component manufacture
  • Surface blasting and coating work
  • Repair and expansion of plants and systems
  • Operations management and industrial service