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Quality at RMT: anything but coincidence

RMT undertakes complex projects with extremely stringent requirements for product and process quality, work safety and environmental protection. This requires an active management system as the basis for day-to-day work.

RMT has a wide range of certifications and approvals attesting to safe, reliable management of any project. All necessary test procedures and materials testing such as visual inspections, radiographic methods, ultrasonic tests, surface crack tests or hardness tests can be performed to meet product quality requirements.

Centrally organised integrated management system

As part of the Ludwig Freytag Group, RMT is able to access a centrally organised integrated management system. This system combines all requirements for quality, work safety and environmental protection within the framework of a matrix certification. This produces cross-divisional synergy effects, which are used to create lean processes and from which all companies in the group benefit.

Web-based document management provides access up-to-date forms, manuals, process descriptions or work, test and procedure instructions anywhere at any time.