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New RMT product development: first delivery of mobile flare


Our mobile flare can be used quickly and effectively for maintenance and repair work where pipeline sections need to be depressurized or gas needs to be purged under regular operating conditions. Residual amounts of natural gas can be burned completely and climate-friendly.

The mobile flare is an in-house development by RMT, which is mounted on a modified standard car trailer and can burn volume flows of more than 3,000 m³/h and can lower the pressure to 0 bar. The exit height above ground level is 8 m. The set-up dimensions are no more than L: 6m x W: 3m x H: 8m. The volume is below 70 dB at full output.

With hydraulic support, the torch can be erected and put into operation in a few minutes. Residual quantities of natural gas are burned in a very short time via remote control, an automatic and redundant ignition system with flame monitoring and gas pressure regulation.
The RMT flare offers the greatest flexibility and compactness with the highest performance for maintenance and repair work!

In a first customer project, we delivered successfully our new development and demonstrate the performance to the complete satisfaction of our customer.

Curious? If you want to find out more about the service possibilities and products at RMT, then contact us! We look forward to your inquiry!

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