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RMT on the move again for Gasunie blanket purchase contract – integration in Holtum


RMT has been working for Gasunie Germany under a blanket purchase agreement for many years. It carries out call-off work involving pipeline construction, pipeline servicing, drilling and welding technology.

Another order has been successfully completed at the Holtum gas compressor station despite adverse weather conditions. An underground junction need to be integrated at the station.

The assembly group with a nominal diameter of DN 1000 was fully prefabricated, tested, accepted and provided with corrosion protection at our factory in Oldenburg. The integration components were transported to the construction site, where they were connected one after the other using a mobile crane at the designated locations.

Ball valves up to a nominal diameter of DN 1000 were welded in during this operation among other things.

Throughput times and, above all, operating times on the construction site can be significantly reduced thanks to our optimised working method and the flexibility that a blanket purchase agreement provides.

Contact us and find out more about the possibilities and services that RMT offers. We look forward to your enquiries.

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